Getting Help

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a great way to ask questions, you can use the apiblueprint tag.

Reporting Bugs

If you've encountered a bug in our API Blueprint parser Drafter you can report it in our GitHub issue tracker for Drafter.

Please search existing issues beforehand to see if the problem is already known.

When filing a new bug please include the following:


We welcome any contributions to the language or parsers, please get in touch with us on Slack if you're looking for any guidance.

API Blueprint Request for Comments

Many changes, including bug fixes and documentation improvements can be implemented and reviewed via the normal GitHub pull request workflow directly to the API Blueprint Language.

Some changes though are "substantial", and we ask that these be put through a bit of a design process and produce a consensus among the API Blueprint team.

The "RFC" (request for comments) process is intended to provide a consistent and controlled path for new features to enter the language.